Andong-Jim-Dak (안동찜닭)

This is basically a chicken noodle dish.
Coming from the west we often think that chicken noodle and then the word `soup’. But Korean food is anything but 20160128_192854light and gentle.
Andong-jim-dak is a serious meal. It is a big hearty, spicy stew of sweet potato noodles, chilli, soy sauce, potatoes, carrots and of course chicken!
In the market there are lots of jim-dak restaurants, perhaps upwards of thirty. All squashed together next to each other and vieing for trade. So we chose one that look reasonably busy and took a seat.
The usual shock and surprise at the foreigner,
a) sitting on the floor
b) speaking Korean
c) drinking makgoli
d) eating spicy food
played out as the meal went on.
20160128_202408The food itself was a rich and hearty plate full of what appeared to be more than a whole chicken hacked up in the Korean way so that bones and skin were included in a haphazard fashion!
Now Andong is famous for its soju (Korean firewater) but soju kills me so we opted for makgoli, and this stuff was a good match to the mae-un / mep-gae (spicyness) of the food.
The portion wasn’t cheap it was about 25,000 won but it fed us twice as they were only too happy to give us a doggy bag to take back to our minbak. This we had a couple of days later as our brunch and it was superb!
The andong-jim-dak is something that should be eaten and one thing is for sure and that is that you need to drink a lot of water.
The main liquid in the sauce is soy sauce which gives it a rich, salty taste which is usually counteracted by adding sugar.
Your taste-buds may be fooled by the sugar, but your hangover will thank you for making sure you re-hydrate before you go to bed!

Thank You