The Korean Crypto Craze

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Anyone that has lived in Korea for a couple of years will appreciate that Koreans take crazy to a whole other level. It’s not just a few people that go nuts, the whole country goes nuts, over the same thing … Read More

Challenges to the Korean ESL industry & Beyond

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These days it may well seem that the hits just keep on coming for the Korean ESL industry. While there are a lot of teachers that have been here a long time and witnessed various potential threats come and go. … Read More

The Debt Problem

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I read an article in the Korean times the other day about the pace at which the state debt problem in Korea is growing. The Korean Times pointed out the following: “The ratio of government debt to gross domestic product … Read More

A Bank Run…

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  How would you as a foreigner deal with a bank run in Korea? All the economic indicators point to a not very bright couple of years ahead: Unemployment is rife Birth rates are low Pensioners are on the rise … Read More

Currency Devaluation Looks Likely

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It seems that the Korean government has set its eyes on currency devaluation as a way of addressing economic problems. With South Korea facing several difficulties across multiple industries, currency devaluation or a `supplementary budget’ as it is being called … Read More

Bird Flu – An Ominous Warning

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Bird Flu As many of the expats on the peninsula revel in Christmas spirit, and celebrate over turkey and drinks, there is a crisis going on and that is bird flu. With the outbreak of bird flu on the peninsula, … Read More

The Korean Construction Bomb

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The South Korean construction industry is very energetic. For a country of just over 50 million people it seems like the big construction companies are trying their hardest to build enough new apartments for every man, woman and child on … Read More

Cashless Korea and the blackout

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  A Cashless Korea The bank of Korea has stated a rather grand goal – to go cashless by 2020, this was then revised to be a `coinless society’ by 2020. Korea is not the only country looking at getting … Read More

Konglish Breakfast

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South Korea is a land of awesome food as we all know. The soups. noodles and barbecues rank among the favourites of many an expat. Dinner is often an awesome event with meat, spice and alcohol thrown together to make … Read More

Korea: The Big Dog

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So it happened, I didn’t expect it to, and in fact wasn’t even that happy about it, but back in February we got a dog. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love dogs – always have and always will, but … Read More

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