The Debt Problem

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I read an article in the Korean times the other day about the pace at which the state debt problem in Korea is growing. The Korean Times pointed out the following: “The ratio of government debt to gross domestic product … Read More

A Bank Run…

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  How would you as a foreigner deal with a bank run in Korea? All the economic indicators point to a not very bright couple of years ahead: Unemployment is rife Birth rates are low Pensioners are on the rise … Read More

Currency Devaluation Looks Likely

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It seems that the Korean government has set its eyes on currency devaluation as a way of addressing economic problems. With South Korea facing several difficulties across multiple industries, currency devaluation or a `supplementary budget’ as it is being called … Read More

Bird Flu – An Ominous Warning

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Bird Flu As many of the expats on the peninsula revel in Christmas spirit, and celebrate over turkey and drinks, there is a crisis going on and that is bird flu. With the outbreak of bird flu on the peninsula, … Read More

The Korean Construction Bomb

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The South Korean construction industry is very energetic. For a country of just over 50 million people it seems like the big construction companies are trying their hardest to build enough new apartments for every man, woman and child on … Read More

Cashless Korea and the blackout

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  A Cashless Korea The bank of Korea has stated a rather grand goal – to go cashless by 2020, this was then revised to be a `coinless society’ by 2020. Korea is not the only country looking at getting … Read More