Renting in Korea as an expat is not the easiest thing to do especially if you don’t speak Korean very well. Finding an English speaking realtor is often difficult. Most real estate agents don’t speak very good English, and often Korean `friends’ have little experience in the problems to look out for. For more about this see the blog post: Renting in Korea – Renter Beware!

With this said, would like to recommend the services of Song Kyung Eun to help with this process.


Song Kyung Eun - English Speaking Realtor in Korea

Song Kyung Eun – Korean-English Speaking Realtor

Song Kyung Eun is a friendly, hardworking, professional Real Estate Agent based in Seoul. What we loved about her service:

  • Fast, Clear Communication
  • Provided several options to choose from
  • Dealt with all Korean contract issues and provided Korean and English contracts so terms were clearly understood
  • Did full background checks on the property owner to ensure there were no unpaid loans
  • Did full background checks on building purpose and registration
  • Very convenient service – saved a lot of time as she did all the searching for us
  • We thought her email address was cool!

email: phone: 02-303-1889 / +82-303-1889

Working Hours: Monday to Saturday: 9:30 AM – 6:30 PMĀ 

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RE/MAX Real Estate Specialists

Song Kyung Eun is a Manager at RE/MAX Korea, why did we decide to use their service?

  • Song Kyung Eun has access to thousands of properties in Seoul and across South Korea
  • There are over 300 RE/MAX agents in Korea
  • RE/MAX is ranked as the #1 global real estate company
  • The have been in business for over 45 years
  • All RE/MAX agents are professionally trained
  • Using RE/MAX guarantees everything is done legally (no scams, or short cuts)
  • Using RE/MAX brings peace of mind
Song Kyung Eun - English Speaking Realtor in Korea