Seoul is a mecca for all people on the southern half of the peninsula. It is a sprawling mass of apartment blocks, office Seoul Places to Visittowers and urban mayhem. Home to over 25.6million people about one in every fifty people is a foreign resident. It’s a huge city that eats, lives and breathes kimchi, soju, and beer.

It is a giant beast of a metropolis that devours the youth of all other cities and towns on the peninsula. The lure of work, money, opportunity and success suck people into the concrete mass of highly stressed and forever hurrying citizens. Every Korean you see in the city seems to be forever rushing to get somewhere to be there quickly, as if time will somehow escape them if they walk rather than run.

Seoul is a place where people work hard and long. The subway is quite literally rammed full with the daily crush of people trying to beat the boss to the office. It is a paradoxical place where so much emphasis is placed on family and family values, but at the same time daddy stays out drinking with his work colleagues until silly o’clock.

The capital city is rightly proud of itself though, it is a giant of modernity being the 4th largest urban area in the world. SeoulAnything is seemingly possible in Seoul. A city where public transportation is cheap, efficient, on time, comfortable and clean. Sure there’s the occasional drunken Korean ajoshi that makes a nusiance of himself, but then that’s all part of Seoul’s flavour.

There are hundreds of reasons to visit Seoul, and just as many reasons to live in this fantastic place. If you are in need of a cultural fix then you can head to one of the many palaces or temples that can be found dotted around the city. If you need to get out of the sprawl and clear your head there are several mountains you can hike and spend a day getting some fresh(ish) air into your lungs.

The Han river provides ample opportunity to try water sports if you’re brave enough to enter the water, (seriously 25.6million people – there’s no way that water is clean enough for watersports!). The whole city awaits your discovery and enjoyment. Go explore!